Saturday, April 01, 2006


Here is my progress. I am weaving. I have probably woven about 2.5 feet. Normally I would use what is called a guide string, This is basically a string that is tied to the front beam next to the warp and knotted at the beginning and end of each project that I am weaving. When you hit a knot, it is time for a change. Because I only have two things on my loom right now and they are completely different colours, I am letting my colour change dictate when one project ends and the next begins. Makes sense to me.

Even though I have kids, they were pretty quiet for April Fools Day. Any one out there get gotten?


Dave Daniels said...

THis is interesting to watch you get all set up and weaving. I did some minor weaving way back when, and have been itching to try it again. All the terms you use are familiar, so nothing scary there. Love to watch the progress you are making!
I've added you to my links and my blog lines so I can follow along.

Diana said...

Absolutely gorgeous piece of fabric. I just love the colors.

jackie said...

Thanks, both!

I am sure that you would be one of those duck type people Dave, as in you would take to weaving like a duck to water. You seem to have an affinity with fiber. Some people just don't.

And , of course, I haven't read the camera manual so I haven't figured out what to do so that the colours don't look so washed out. When it is all finished, I shall model it outside in natural light and hopefully get a better colour representation

Mia said...


Wow! That fabric is gorgeous! Are ya makin' it just for ME?? Awww. you shouldn't have ::laughing:: Oh my gawd, am I going to have to try weaving now too?????