Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enough already

Every year, about this time, I start to get a little cabin feverish. The big Christmas rush is over and there is no break until Easter.
I had to stop by a friends house the other day to drop off a DVD she lent me and I noticed that one of her kids (I am assuming) had dressed up her garden buddha before the snow came.

I feel as cold as he looks. And some may say that he is suppose to have a look of serenity on his face. I think that he is a little disgruntled.

And speaking of insanity, two weekends ago, I went to the local Saturday Farmers Market. On the way home I happened to notice some rather strange tracks on the sidewalk. Now I have been known to step outside in the winter in my Birk's to drop the garbage on the street for next morning pickup. Or pop out to get something out of the car. There has to be little to no snow, and it has to be a very short trip.  Even then I end up with snow on my toes. Apparently the same rules do not apply to everyone!
I noticed the very distinctive tracks of Birkenstocks and followed them on the trek home for 4 blocks! They then veered off of my path and continued on. I might have followed them just to see how far they went, but it was cold and I just wanted to get home. I am still shaking my head.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Just before Christmas Break, the students learned to weave rag rugs. They turned out so nice that I decided to give rug weaving another go. I did a semester when I was at school focused on boundweave rugs. They are a weft faced cloth which means that the warp threads are completely covered by yarn that you have on your shuttle.
Here is where notes come in handy. It has been a number of years sonce I had woven a boundweave rug. My old school notes were in my office at school because I sometimes find them handy to refer to when a student has a question. My teacher insisted that we keep good notes. She checked through to make sure that all the handouts that she had given us were in the notebook, all the record sheets for everything that we had woven were properly filled out, and all of the things that we had discussed in class were written out. And legible! Our note books were part of our marks. As were things like "studio practice". Basically, did we clean up after ourselves. Oh, for the good old days!
In any case, I was a bit uncertain of how to go about getting the particular pattern that I wanted. Because my notes were at school, I looked through my text books, weaving magazines, and other weaving books. I tried google. I tried to just figure it out. No luck.
I finally gave up and went down to get my notes. And there was the answer that I was looking for. In pen on lined paper. The notes that my teacher insisted that we take. Oh, how we grumbled at the time about getting out notebooks ready for marking. But now, I say "Thank you Susan" as I have said thank you many many times because my notes were so good. Because she insisted that we keep a good not book. Because you never know when you will have to refer back to something. Because it might be 10 years since you last wove a boundweave rug.
Bill likes to throw down a rag to catch any drops of water that may fall on the floor while doing dishes. But it never got picked up. Drove me nuts. So here is the little rug that I wove to go in front of the kitchen sink. It is about 38 inches long and 14 inches wide. Just wide enough to stand on but not so wide that it will get in the way of people trying to get through the narrow space between the sink and the table.

I have another one on the loom, but blogger won't let me upload a photo of it. Maybe it is offended by WIP's. Maybe I'll try again later. Maybe I'll go weave now instead.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sooooooo familiar

This scene plays out so often in my life that it is getting a little sad.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New nephew!

I have a new nephew! He was born on Monday. 7 lbs 11 oz, which is pretty respectable seeing as he arrived two weeks early! His name shall be James Ian. Nick names to follow. Maybe.
He is super cute, but you are going to have to take my word for it because the only photos of him that I have seen are on flickr and I can't grab them for some reason.
This is my first nephew and I am super excited to meet him!

In the mean time, I will leave you with another found picture of my first born.

All that I know was that it was raining. A radish harvest just took place. And that IS a lampshade on her head. Oh. And no alcohol was involved.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Random from the camera

I have kids. Every now and then they ask if they can use the camera to take pictures of something that they feel needs preservation.  I never know what I will find when I down load the pictures.

Here is a small sampling.

This would be garlic.     

Liam and a mouse named Cheese

Strange strawberries and a strange boy.
a strange old lady
potato of course

He says he was cold. I think that he liked the pink.
Simon's grape sandwich

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year?

Already? Where has the time gone?
Actually, I know exactly where it went. There has been a flurry of weaving and dyeing and selling, sadly mostly undocumented. There have been some minor health issues, which have decreased my productivity and my desire to put words out into the screen as the case may be. There has been life itself which, while I have been trying to do less, seems to conspire to make me feel like I am running on a tread mill with no end in sight. The Christmas break has been heavenly but sadly not anywhere near long enough.

Some good things have been happening here.
Mira created a wonderful snowman in the front of the house

He has some crazy eyes that she made out of wood knobs that she found somewhere and painted
Sadly some jerk knocked the head off. She learned a lesson about art in public places. I really don't understand those who take pleasure in destroying others work. She managed to salvage the eyeballs and will try and rebuild him.

And we had some snow the other day after many days of rain. I asked one of the kids were Bill was and they said out side shoveling. I didn't realize how he was dressed for the task until I went to ask him a question.

Real Canadian or Real Man or maybe both?
He said that he had to come in because his hands got cold.
I hope that it won't be so long until my next post, but until then, Happy New Year!