Monday, June 20, 2011

I never thought...

That I would like pink and yellow yarn. But I dyed it. I spun it. And I like it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We managed to get a lot!

43 pounds worth. Considering that I saw them for $4.99 a pound this year. I think that we did rather well.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Learning

Why not take a break this summer from your usually hectic relaxation plans and sign up for one of these exciting workshops?
They all take place in Fredericton and are anywhere from a half day to 5 days! There is something for everyone!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

New York 2011

Yes. This is a bus. This is a bus full of people that I know who are on their way to New York City!

One of those people was my daughter Mira. She hates having her picture taken. I figure that if I keep putting her "faces" out there that some day she will stop making faces when a camera is pointed at her. So far it hasn't worked.

There were lots of rocks and trees and grass that we saw on the way. We left at 5:30 am and arrived at the hotel at about 7pm. We lost an hour when we crossed the border but that still works out to a lot of hours on a bus.
Everything was moving fast in New York City! Including the trees!

We were at the Hotel Pennsylvania which was on the corner of 7th Ave and 33rd Street so we were super close to Times Square. Everyone goes to Times Square, so we went too. What a lot of lights and noise and people.

Just off Times Square was the M&M Store. Three floors of chocolate. And loud music. Mira voted that we didn't stay long. I concurred.
This was Mira and my roomie, Karen. After Times Square, we decided that it was time for a little liquid refreshment and a quick snack. We found a small pub called the Pig and Whistle and had a glass of wine (Karen) a beer (me) and a cranberry juice (Mira).

Mira's cranberry juice came with a lime wedge,I like to eat limes so that is not why my face is sour. She was not quite impressed with NYC. I, however was very happy to be there.

The next day was Sunday and one of the ladies with us is a Flea Market Goer. She had found some flea markets that happened on Sunday and one of them was very near to the Museum of Natural History. I had never been before and thought that Mira might enjoy it. There were a lot of wonderful exhibits. One of my favorites was of the animals that were a link between dinosaurs and mammals.
When Ice Age came out a number of years ago, I thought that, as often happens, many of the creatures featured were basically made up. Apparently not! This fellow was very much like one of the characters that was trying to escape the ice age in the first (I think) movie. There were a couple of other creatures that I recognized that I thought were really from someones fertile imagination. Who knew?

There were also a number of taxidermy critters from Africa. They were behind glass in "a natural setting" which included some real looking fake trees and shrubs as well as a painted background. Pretty spectacular.

There were a lot of other things including this very primitive loom from Africa. I am glad that I don't have to weave on one like that!
We also went to the MET another day, but seeing as Mira was the one that took most of the pictures, I will leave that tale up to her if she decides that she wants to share.