Friday, April 14, 2006

You know it's spring when...

Faerie villages appear in the back yard. Actually, these are monster villages. One of my kids received a monster in a treat bag about 5 or 6 years ago and they have been playing with them ever since.

First up is City Hall. Very important place, but not much activity right now, as it is after hours.

Then the swimming hole. Apparently monsters like to dive and so the swimming hole had to be quite deep. It is a little cool yet to be swimming, but the season shall be starting up soon.

The community center. Note the relaxing lounge chairs in which 6arms and peach guy are resting. Monsters are generally named for their colours, or special attributes.

What village is complete without a fine restaurant featuring patio dining. The house specialty is toasted marshmallows. Note the toasting stick to the right resting on the log.

What to do if someone gets hurt. It does happen occasionally that someone looses an arm to overuse and so he is rushed to the hospital. The shell stretcher is kept to the right of the hospital entrance for easy access should the need arise.

And keeping an eye out for enemies and cats, 4eyes and 6arms are standing tall in the watch tower. Monsters take turns in the watch tower. But they don't mind the duty. They like standing tall (even though they don't have any legs.

Thanks for taking the tour. The hotel is scheduled to be opening soon. We are taking advanced registration. All monsters welcomed.


Dave Daniels said...

Oh, that's REALLY adorable. I've never heard of that, but it sure made me chuckle. I wonder if something like that would work on my fire escape? lol

jackie said...

My kids are really amazing! They do things like this all the time. My backyard is such crap because of all the shade trees in my neighbours yard that the only thing that grows really well is the moss. The real driver is my eldest. I had absolutly nothing to do with any of it excecpt taking the pictures when they were finished. I was inside furiously fringing.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see children playing and creating outdoors. It should be marble and skipping rope time of year in NB? (Ex frederictonian now living in Melbourne Australia.)
Love all these NB bloggers. Oh! the shawls are beautiful. Where do you find the time?

jackie said...

Indeed! We are entering that time of the year! And my flowers(in the one sunny spot in my yard) are just starting to come up. I should see some blooms in about a month.

Liz said...

we too have a monster swimming hole over on george street,do to the skill of jasmin, and the bamboo forest should be arriving soon. Pink guy's car is in getting its snow tires off so he is out of travelling commission for a few days. His girl has gone for a sleepover at nanny and Papa's anyway.