Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spinning wheels

I am starting to think about getting myself a spinning wheel. And , as with almost every other purchase of more than $100, I want to do research and have peoples opinion. I am looking for something that is easily portable, something that will not take up too much space when stored, and something with bobbins that I can get a fair amount of yarn. Spinning really fine yarn is not an issue for me right now, but it may become in the future. Who knows?

What do you spin on and what do you like and dislike about it? Is there a type of wheel that you would like to have and why?

Thanks in advance.

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Diana said...

I have a Louet S51 DT (double treadle). I'm such a new spinner that I probably can't contribute much. However, look for a wheel that comes with a jumbo flyer so you can ply two bobbins onto one. I had to make that additional purchase.

My second wheel will probably be a Majacraft. Did I say second? Ooops. That was my first choice but was a little more expensive. I received my wheel as a gift from DH or I probably would have bought the Majacraft Rose or Susan.

Go to a fiber festival and try out different wheels. It's kinda like driving a car. They all feel different.