Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Assembly Required

So we have moved. But we are far from being settled. While the house is functional, it is far from being a place where we would feel comfortable inviting the new neighbours. The new place is large. Very Large.

Here are a couple of pictures before we moved things in.

Dining room

Mira's room



Living room
The house is bungalow with 6 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 kitchen, work room, studio space, countless closets, laundry room, linen closet, and A DISHWASHER!

These are the "before" pictures. I am not going to show you the after pictures just yet. And the reason for that is...well....let's just look at a few more "before" pictures. These are of the old place the weekend before the movers came.

OMG! Look at all this Stuff! How did this happen?

I think you get the picture. There are more rooms like this.
Our former living space Filled with Boxes of Stuff. Good Stuff. Bad Stuff. Random Papers. Cables and Cords. Computer Parts, etc. (yes I am speaking to you Dear) Kid Stuff. My Stuff. Stuff we Need and Stuff that We should have gotten Rid Of Ages Ago. (hint hint-no time like the present!)

Seriously! We had been at the old place for 15 years. When we moved in, it was Me, Bill, Mira, and Bug the Cat. The cat eventually went to the Great Catnip Field in the Sky and in the mean time was replaced by Three Kids. So that made 6 people in a space that fit 3 comfortably. And they all had their own stuff. Sort of reminds me of A guy named George.

In any case, it all went into a truck.

And there was more stuff so they came back for a second trip. Although I will say that the second trip wasn't quite so full. The main reason for the second trip was to pick up the freezer, which had to be emptied, and seeing as they were picking things up on Monday and delivering them on Tuesday and seeing as I didn't want my frozen foods sitting out over night I thought that it would be better if we just got the freezer and the food and what ever else didn't fit into the truck although it was a whole lot more than I thought would be left over so I was glad that we had their services for another day even though it ended up costing Way More than I had estimated it would.

A few words about moving guys.
These fellows really know how to pack. At first I was a little concerned because they seemed to be taking a Very Long Time getting things on the truck. There were three guys and two of them seemed to be taking an awful lot of smoke breaks. I was frantically packing the last of the things in the kitchen and it wasn't until we were at the new house that I realized Why they were taking so long. The truck was packed like it was a Tetris Game! No wasted space. Everything was snugged up quite tightly and a lot of the furniture was wrapped in blankets. Reality dawned. I am glad that I am not a mover. 

In any case...The kids are going to school, we are working, doing homework, laundry, meal preparations, dishes, unpacking, Garden Stuff STILL ( more on that later) And I am thinking about starting to try and prepare for one of my three Christmas Sales that is NEXT WEEKEND? WHAT!? 

Deep, calming breaths.

The long and the short of it is that we haven't been solely focused on unpacking. And so the house looks like a combination of the pictures from the old place and the new one.  All that space with all those boxes. I really hope to be settled by Christmas with Most of the boxes unpacked and stuff put away, or disposed of, or given away. The kitchen is mostly unpacked and functional (although I am still playing the "Where did I put That!" game.) The kids bedrooms are mostly  unpacked. My studio space had carpet which had to come up, which also meant carpet tack to remove, which then meant that concrete patch had to be bought (done) and applied (not done) before the floor could be painted and all of my stuff moved in.

I am at the point of saying "it will happen when it happens"

And you will be able to look forward to a new view when I post pictures of the snow storms that will hit this coming winter. Not looking forward to That! Although shoveling the drive way will be much easier because it is much shorter and there are no houses right against it! Whhhheeee!