Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post Cards from the Selv-edge

This months postcard offered an interesting challenge.
The front was not to bad.
The back however, was taken up by the box from a pregnancy test. One of our Post Card Members had just found out that she was pregnant and apparently wanted to share the joy.
While I am happy for her, I didn't feel that the test box added much to the back of the post card except as a space for me to add and embellish.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a "before" picture. You can see part of the box picture in the center. The purple stick like thing. Imagine the words PREGNANCY TEST and ACCURATE ect and you get the picture. And it was attached to the left hand side of the the back. It was stitched on by three small groups of positive test symbols along the top. You can see one on the top edge.

So I cut a piece of cardboard from the box that Mira's birthday cake came in (rather fitting I thought) and glued it to the back of the test box. I then made myself a cup of Neo-Citrine and hopped into bed to do some gluing.
A number of months ago, Leigh from Homework, offered up some stamps that she had received in a duffel bag to those that wanted some. I jumped on that bandwagon very quickly and a couple of weeks later an envelope stuffed with stamps from around the world arrived in the mailbox. A lot were from Australia and there were a smattering of other places.

Our pregnant friend has often referred to herself as a gypsy so I thought that a postcard composed of stamps would be fitting for a gypsy baby. The message is a blessing of sorts. "May you tread the path of happiness May home be where you lay your head". I also left the positive symbol which you can see just above the Canada stamp with the bird on the green background.
And to the predominately butterfly front, I added two butterfly stamps to the "window".
The white that you see surrounding the postcard in the last two pictures is just the protective cardboard that it came and went in.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Poor Mr P

This is what I found in the living/play room when I wandered through there this morning. Poor Mr. P. looks like he is having a strip ripped off of him by Mrs. P. Although she is doing it with a smile.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That was remarkable satisfying

Some telemarketer just called while I was making supper. You always know it is them if you pick up the phone and get dead air after you say hello.

I hate it when they call.

I am making curry tonight (something I haven't done since going back to work) and it is a bit of a juggling act. So I didn't feel that I had the time to tell someone who I didn't want to talk to that I wasn't interested in whatever it was that they were selling.

So I just put the phone on the counter and went back to my cooking.

A few minutes later I heard the familiar "beepbeepbeepbeep" of a lost connection. At which point I hung up the phone.

It probably shouldn't have felt so satisfying, but it did.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kirby Show Report

This weekend was the big weekend long craft show that I attended for the first time in 4 years. The last couple of times that I sold at this show I was with a group of people and this year it was the same. The group that I was with was the Fiber Arts Network (formerly the Fredericton Designer Weavers). There were 4 of us that had work in the booth and we had a lot of help from a fifth member, Sarah. She came by and hung out and helped sell, spelled us when we needed to have a break, go to the bathroom, or (I'll admit it) go shopping in the craft sale.

Here is one view of our booth. The silk scarves to the right of the picture are mine. Most of the caplets and ponchos in the back are Karen's.

Here is another view of the portion of the scarf section of the booth. Along with the origami cranes and reindeer. Decapitated bear heads are in the next booth. Click on the picture for a closer view.
The wall of "hot" colours. This wall has drawn more people into the booth than any other has, I have noticed that there is something about red and orange that really captures peoples attention. Few actually buy red or orange, but many are attracted to it and then settle on a "safer" choice.

Mostly my scarves. Hand spun to the right, hand dyes to the left. Hand spun and hand dyed yarns in the basket in the middle.
As far as sales have gone, it has been a pretty good weekend. I have told a lot of people about my little market and a lot of people about the craft sale that I help organize in December. I feel that my time has not been wasted and I hope to draw a few more people to the other places that I sell.

Because in the end, I do weave to sell, so that I can support my yarn habit :-)

Friday, November 07, 2008

busy weekend

I am at one of the local craft sales this weekend. The Kirby Show is on the exhibition grounds and runs Friday 12-9, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 12-5.
I am there with three other members of F.A.N. (Fiber Arts Network) which is our local fiber group. We are booth #7 along the back wall so brave the rain and come on out and visit!

Here is a scarf that won't be at the sale this weekend.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 3

Or...What the teacher wore

Head of Metals as a witch doctor with three Mexican exchange students.

Ellen and Joanne, Fashion Ladies as a bumble bee and a butterfly. They were deep in discussion about marks or students or something serious. Since they are used to seeing me wander in and out of the classrooms on various errands they didn't say anything until my camera gave me away by making the little ringing sound that it makes when it starts up. Then they laughed.
Mitch the store keeper talking to Sally from Nightmare before Christmas . I think that they were discussing her stitching job. She is looking for a refund.
Jan, Harriet, and Linda. Harriet and Jan, from Fabric Surface, had a Hogwarts theme going on. Jan is from England and she really went all out and decorated not only herself, but also her office. She made badges for everyone in the studio. Harriet was the professor of Herbology (can you tell?) Jan was the defense against the dark Arts Teacher (who ever that would be in any given year) Linda was Johnny Depp. Not Hogwarts but Pirates. It is all good.

Here is Jan's office (note the bookshelf)
The bookshelf
(please click on the picture to get a bigger version so that you can read the titles )
And here were the judges for the contest. From Left to Right... Michael, the principal, Laura May, head of accounting who also does 10,000 other things that I couldn't explain, Jane, head of Design who also wears many many hats, and Joe, Maintenance Supervisor and my boss, and if he wasn't around the school would fall apart around our ears (not kidding). They did a great job and I heard a little tale that there was some arm wrestling that happened over who should get second prize.
Is it any wonder that I couldn't stay away?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pumpkin Central

The kids all really like to carve the pumpkins. I have to admit a bit of a preference for pumpkin carving myself. When the kids were really little, I used to think that it was great. They drew a picture and I interpreted it on the pumpkin. Then we moved up to drawing right on the pumpkins. And I did the cravings, interpreting what they had drawn. The they got older and started carving their own pumpkins. And I had to start buying my own pumpkin. Nicole still lets me carve her pumpkin (as well as clean it out) but the older kids are all flying solo.
Nicole told me that she wanted two round eyes and a big smiley mouth. I added the notches so that the pumpkin took on a crossed eyed appearance. I think that it is kind of cute.

From left to right, Mira, Liam, Simon, and mine. Do you like the authentic spooky leaves and dead plants in the background?
Maybe it is time for me to clean out my little flower garden.

Halloween 2

More from the Craft College...

Peter (head of the Photography Department) This fellow is the technician from the photography department. He had a lot of fun imitating Peter. And we all had a lot of fun laughing.
Mortitia Adams (as in The Adam's Family)(tied 3rd place)
Minnie Mouse (honorable mention)
mime (Not in contest)
Marie Antoinette and the Foxy Lady (Marie was a prototype for a commission for a play. My co-worker made 8 more masks that were used in the play (all different but along the same lines) and unfortunately, 6 of the 8 were lost in a fire two weeks ago)
Scary Nurse

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Tomorrow.... What my co-workers were up to.....