Saturday, April 08, 2006


In order to finish a sock, one generally needs a pattern, right? O.K. I know that some of you have knitted enough socks that such a silly little thing as a pattern is passe. I am working on my fourth sock of my life. Second of a supposed pair. I know that I was going to get myself a second set of needles, and I will. At some point. Until then, I shall be a one at a time sock knitter. There are worst things I could do, (than go with a boy or two. Even thought the neighborhood thinks...) Sorry. Flash back to my youth when Grease came out. In any case, I had borrowed the "knit socks" book from the library a month or so ago. Started the procrastination sock out of the procrastination yarn which happily sits in the procrastination basket. The patterns are all for knitting with 5 needles, I have 4, so I translate the pattern to work with 4. I mark down the translation, knit sock #1. All is good. Then I start sock #2, get half way down the cuff, the book is due. And I, thinking "I have the translated pattern marked down so I will return the book and all will be well." Yet another round of procrastination sets in while I work on my weaving and dealt with colds, flus, and a sinus infection (in Bill). Not to mention all of the other stuff that surfaces in the a day in the life of a mother of 4. Wednesday night, after happily bedding down all short people, I think about a movie and my sock.

Here's the DUHH. I have copied down the pattern until the heel has been turned. Sigh. Sometimes I amaze myself. But I will just add this little incident to all of the other balls that I have been dropping lately. I think that I am going to have to break my one knitting project at a time rule. Maybe it is time to give the lace shawl another attempt. Kate, I'm a gonna need some help!

And I told you that the egg painting was going to come later. Here are two of mine and Liz's two painting their eggs. Wee Nicole showed no interest in the proceedings. Thank the Flying Spagetti Monster! I remember painting eggs with Mira when the boys were little and there were no end of tears as little hands crushed delicate eggs. These kids are all at the stage that I can set them up and walk away. I'm loving it.

I got a call from my sisters last night. They were in a casino in Niagara Falls drinking G&T's and spending a few bucks. They will be here soon! I can hardly wait!

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