Sunday, April 23, 2006

All gone.....

The sisters and aunties are gone. (Wipe tear) Nicole left early Friday evening and Christine left this morning at about 5:30. Gone. Sigh.

So now I get back to my regularly scheduled life. But it is spring in full force here and so today was new home day. Alas, not for me in my spacially challenged home, but for my seedlings in Their spacially challenged homes. So now, I have a total of 71 (or so) tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, broccoli, and basil that are happily rooting in new pots. They will be planted out in the great wild beyond in about a month. I can hardly believe it! Liz and Amy will be the recipients of my spare plants. I always plant at least twice as many plants as I want because of germination rates and so, as usual I have spare plants. The theory goes, plant two seeds in one cell and pinch out the weaker one, letting the stronger one get all of the nutrients. I have done this on occasion, but some years, I find it hard. Maybe because if survival of the fittest actually was the way of the world, I would not be here ( I was a sick kid who had double pneumonia twice before I was ten, not to mention all of the trips to the emergency room because of sever asthma attacks). I gotta feel for the little guys. I let them live to produce their tomatoes or peppers. Liz, water them! Go do it! NOW!

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny and 19 C (that's 66 for y'all south a' me) The sun was warm and the beer was cold. I have a bud on my daffodils. Peonies and iris' are coming up and my lilies are poking their little heads through the warm soil. I hope to plant my peas this week. I just have to nag my dad into tilling the garden. It takes him two minutes to do with a tiller attatched to the tractor what it would take me a week to do with a fork. There are some advantages to being a farmer's daughter.

No camera today, so no picts of plants in new homes. But to keep you amused, here is my sister's (Nicole) boyfriend's mother's cat. Huge pussy. And apparently it will only drink out of a freshly flushed toilet. Phyllis apologized for having to leave up the toilet seat, but pussy would have nothing else. Oh, to have my every wish so thoughtfully granted. NOT, mind you, that I want to drink out of a toilet, but that would not be the wish that I would ask of my fairy godmother!

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Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Beats hell out of my 5 lb cat who *** needs *** to have a 10 gallon bucket of water at her disposal. Seriously, the brat won't drink from anything else.