Thursday, April 13, 2006


Here is my lovely sister modeling the midnight shawl.

And here she is modeling the sunset shawl.

Lastly is a side by side comparison showing the pattern detail. I quite like the diamond shapes that showed up in the blue shawl. Of the two, it is my favorite.

Thanks again to Jay for hosting this challenge. I actually like working with a reasonable deadline. And now I know what to do with that box full of merino.

So get over to
  • Jay's Craft Room
  • and vote.

    Thanks to all who have commented as I worked my way through my weaving. Now I have to decide what to do next.


    Dave Daniels said...

    Jackie! That sunset shawl is fantastic/fabulous/gorgeous! Holy wow! I am really floored, it's amazing. You got my 10 point vote! Jeeze, it's great. And it looks great on your sis with the heavy turtleneck sweater.

    Annie said...

    Those shawls ar amazing!! A lot of work but it really paid off. You must be so proud of yourself. WOW.

    Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

    Okay, now I'm ill. You've done two gorgeous shawls in the length of time it's taken me to thread the beading needle. Something about me being a lazy arse springs to mind!

    I'm so going to learn to weave. Sometime in this lifetime.

    Betty said...


    Mia said...

    OMG.. that midnight shawl is absolutely stunning! Both are beautiful.. but really! Should you ever want to reproduce that.. I think I know someone who would be interested in buying one *grin*

    jackie said...

    Unlike some people(not mentioning any names Dave), I make most of my weavings to sell. I am an at home mom and the sale of my weavings help to support my yarn addictions. If you are really serious, drop me a line.