Sunday, April 30, 2006

You can't see them....

...but they are there. I am talking about peas. Those lovely small green harbingers of summer. Sweet, juicy, fresh, unique peas. Nothing else has quite the flavour of garden fresh peas. And they are coming! Their little shells are swelling even as we speak. By next week, I shall hopefully see a few little sprouts poking their noses out of the soil, soon to have tendrils reaching, stretching, coiling around the fences that support their tender stems. Next come the fragrant blossoms. Brilliant white against the dark green foliage. Insects spreading pollen, fertilizing flowers to make swelling, suculant pods totally devoted to the reproduction of.....PEAS!!! Too bad for them that we eat every. last. one. No pea reproduction in my garden. Try as they may, we don't let them get past the tender juicy stage.

Broad beans, swiss chard, and lettuce were also planted today. Every year, when I present my father in law with a pot of broad beans for supper, he says, without fail..."Better than beef steak" Has any one else ever heard this expression?


Diana said...

Isn't it too cold to plant?

jackie said...

For somethings,tomatoes, peppers, basil, cukes, green and yellow beans,yes. They like warm weather and can't tolerate a frost

But peas like the cool weather. Broadbeans (sometimes called fava beans) actually won't germinate properly if the soil isn't cool. Spinach and lettuce don't mind the cool weather and tend to bolt in the heat. Garlic can be planted in the fall and overwinter in the ground. Onions also like to go in early. Some thing need the cool weather to get started properly. Bless their little seed.

I had this same conversation yesterday with my brothers girlfriend. They are putting in a garden this year too, and she was suprised to see me on my knees poking peas into the ground so soon. I would have planted a couple of weeks ago if the soil had been dry enough to till.