Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Warming Grace

It seems that every where I go,(in blogland) people are in a knitting funk. I have put down the sock AGAIN, in favor of knitting squares for Cynthia's Warming Grace project. In a nut shell, Cynthia's niece has cancer and being a good auntie, Cynthia wanted to knit her a blanket to keep her warm during treatments. She thoughtfully invited knitters who read her blog to knit 5 inch squares in cotton or wool in any shade of pink, send them to her and she would work them in to a blanket for Grace. She had such a great response, that a second blanket for Graces friend who is at the same stage of treatments as Grace is, was able to happen. Well, knitters are a wonderful group and as of this morning, 152 knitters have signed up. Cynthia said that she will keep piecing blankets as long as she keeps getting squares. These will be shipped off to the hospital in Alberta where Grace is getting her treatments, and go to other kids with cancer. I think that Cynthia is doing a wonderful thing, as well as the 151 other knitters who are knitting squares. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a kid with a serious illness like cancer.

Two Wooden Sticks and a Ball of Wool

Pop over and sign up if you have a bit of yarn left over from a project and have time to knit a square.

My socks aren't going anywhere, although, come to think of it, they did come with me to my weaving guild meeting. So maybe I'll say that they are not going any where fast. Being unfinished and all. But seeing as my squares are drying even as we speak, I just may pick up my sock and after careful measurements, finish the bloody thing before I want to forget about socks all together.

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