Friday, March 31, 2006

Look what I have!!!

It is defiantly spring! In the foreground are 2 varieties of broccoli, 2 varieties of eggplant, next come 5 types of peppers, mostly hot, and half a dozen types of tomatoes, at least. Basil is in there somewhere. My seedlings are coming along fine and the weather is finer. Here I sit with the front door open and the screen up! Today it was 18 C (65 F). Normal for this time of year is a big whopping 6 C. I think that I even have a bit of sunburn. Oh the joys! Unfortunately, this means that I will have to be extra careful when applying sun block from now on. I remember being able to play outside all day and never get a sunburn, with the exception of the beach. I remember sun tan lotion when I was a kid. There was no such thing as sun block. I think that sucks. It makes me fearful for what kind of world my kids will be facing when they are my age.

Damn! This was suppose to be a happy post.


raggedj said...

I think it's a fabulously happy post!
Look at all your yummy veggies sprouting up, just waiting for their time in the garden! Y'know every year I say I'm going to start something from seed inside, and I should, but I usually end up getting transplants.

i've never been able to wear suntan lotion...always 99 SPF sunblock since I was a kid, so I'll be out in my garden with a big ol' hat and a big ol' smile! (hope you do too!) :)

jackie said...

I will definatly be in the garden with a hat and smile, long sleave shirt and grubby pants, and if the wind isn't blowing, add a bug hat. I am quite the sight in the garden.