Wednesday, April 12, 2006

There's only so much cleaning a girl can do

And when she has reached her threshold, she weaves. At least that is what I do. I am sure that some of you knit instead. Or crochet. Or even bead on incredibly time consuming lace shawls.

So here I am ready to cut the second shawl off of the loom. Colour wise, I prefer the first, but if I have learned anything about the buying public, it is that everyone has different tastes and preferences. It is one of the things that make people so interesting.

I have my sister here to model for me. She has a better wardrobe for such a thing.

Tomorrow, the official end of Jay's challenge, I will post the final pictures. See you then.


Dave Daniels said...

The wood of your look is gorgeous! (Is it cherry?) Looking forward to seeing your finale for Jay's challenge.

ErLeCa said...

Your weaving is absolutely awesome!

jackie said...

Thanks, y'all! Look for final picts in the morn.