Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, Happy New Year one day late.

We had a great time New Years eve. The whole lot of us went to Linda's and ate, drank and were merry. The kids watched a variety of videos and the only one who fell asleep before we left at 2:00 was baby N. My kids have stamina! Sue played some games with the kids while we helped in the kitchen and then the only other game that we played was Monopoly. It had been a while since I have played with adults( my son L is the game player in the house) and I actually came away holding most of the property and all of the money! For once. A sweet sweet victory. If I could only get some money and property in real life....

DH went back to work today. No rest for the wicked. The kids all have another week off. No rest for the weary( that would be me.) There seems to be so much to do and most of it centers around cleaning and organizing. If only I could really start to chuck stuff. But most of the things that I want to chuck belong to someone else. And they tend to get a bit upset when I start fooling with their stuff. In fact that is my biggest threat to get the kids to clean their rooms " Either you clean it...Or I will!" They all know that when I clean, I make good use of the garbage can.

The older kids have all gone off to play at a friends house and the baby is asleep. I have blessed silence for the next hour or so. After doing the chopping and prepping for supper, I think that I will attack the back shed with a garbage bag in preparation for that most sacred of all days... GARBAGE DAY!


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jackie said...

By Jove! I do believe that I have had a spam attack!

jackie said...

I wondered why people had tose funny letters at the bottom of their comment boxes , and now I know! I hope that that will stop the spam.