Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snow day

Here is another great reason to be Canadian. Snow days. Y'all in Florida just don't get 'em. So today, because of the threat of freezing rain ontop of our "snow packed and slippery roads" gave the kids a day off from school. No lunches, no hustling reluctant kids out of bed, no "would you just hurry up!?!?!?" I have to admit that it is great that I am a stay at home mom and don't have to scramble to find someone to take care of my kids. Bonus. In fact, this morning, I had three extra kids due to the fact that Liz had classes this morning and had her own and one spare anyway. It was not as bad as one would think. 7 kids and there is pretty much always someone to play with and the cool new computer game for those that want to sit quietly and do some logical thinking. It is called "Zoombenies logical journey." Yeah, what can I say excecpt that even I find it challenging to try and solve the puzzles that are presented. It is a good game. Add seeing as it was not FREEZING out , there was also the outdoor option that a few kids took for a while. Looking out the window is positively dumping! It is going to be some slick out there. A few days ago we had "flurries" that dropped about 3 inches which was then packed and so ontop of this the freezing rain lands and creates a weak skating rink. I do tend to go on about the weather, don't I? It's a Canadian thing, I've heard. I tend to talk about the weather much less in the summer. "Some hot, eh?" is about the extent of it. Occasionally " Some dry. Sure could use some rain." Neither of which can be taken as a complaint, mind you. Just a statement of fact. I DON'T complain about the heat.

Speaking of complaining... We in Canada are in the final throws of an election. Next Monday is the big day. I am mildly interested in politics. It does matter to me who leads our country. I am going on vote on Monday. But after 6 weeks of everyone attacking everyone else, I am getting kinda tired of it all. I was just wondering how all of you Americans deal with a whole YEAR of this shit. I think that I would go stark raving mad having to listen to speeches and promises and bullshit for a whole year. 7 weeks is long enough. Another reason that I am a proud Canadian.

But I still like import beer.


Diana said...

I tune out when the candidates start campaigning. The mud slinging gets really bad the closer it gets to election day. It is absolutely horrible! I think we could select the B'ville town drunk as president, and he would be just as competent as our current fearless leader!

'Zann said...

I tune it out, too. There is little of substance in the political ads anyway. It's always a good idea to go on a "news fast" every so often, too!

I liked what you said in your last post about the imperfections in your socks. I just came to the same conclusion recently, too. The socks are for my feet and my tactile and visual pleasure. A few odd spots here and there does nothing to diminish that!

jackie said...

I would like to go on a bit of a news fast,too. We are a TV free house hold, so at least I don't have to put up with the visual diahrea. But my husband is ADDICTED to CBC radio. It is the public broadcasting system up here. And they joyfully take potshots at everybody foolish enough to put themselves in the spot light. But Canadian politicans seem to be able to laugh at themselves unlike your fearless leaders who would take any negative words as definatly being against them. Hubbie read an article about a Canadian who was refused entrance into the US because he, while playing on-line poker, made negative comments about his opponents. I mean, REALY! If I say here that I think that american beer sucks, will I be refused entrance to the US? I think that the powers that be are taking themselves far to seriously.

My socks have more odd spots today than they did yestreday. I worked on them a bit last night and I kept dropping stitches. I also kept putting them back on the needles the wrong way. I am sure that there is some sort of system. I just have yet to figure it out

Liz said...

I am tres interested in the outcome of the election. I have been following the news sporadically, and can't wait to vote. My kids have taken an interest for the first tiome this election. They have opinions, and they know what they would do if they could vote. I think that is cool.