Monday, January 09, 2006

Do you hear that?

That, my friends, is the sound of silence. Well, the baby is watching a video, and there is a load of laundry in the washing machine, but other than that, it is quiet. It is THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! Gotta love it! I can clean up and not have it immediately undone, Lunch for only two, And the true silence of nap time. Although nap time shall soon be going out the window. Yesterday, wee N made it through out the whole day without falling asleep and was in bed at a decent time. She became only a little unmanageable at the end of the day. As for potty training, no progress. Still more puddles on the floor than in the potty, as well as a few other things landing on the floor. Ick.

I have about 3 inches on sock #1, and I am gearing up to do a temari workshop at the end of the month. I am getting a bunch of balls in the various stages ready. I finished my "this is where we are heading" ball. No weaving right now. M is still on the loom, She is about half way through the weaving process. I hope to convince her that she should finish soon. I am going to make up a couple of warps to dye and hopefully get them dyed before spring. Dyeing is not something that I like to do when I have little hands to help, if you know what I mean.

It is gently snowing outside right now. We are suppose to get a couple of inches in the next day or two. The kids will be glad. They built an incredible fort in the yard during a mild spell. It had steps, a slide,and archway and a lookout tower. They carved a face in one of the walls. And then it started to rain. Quite heavily. And it sort of partially melted. The kids have been waiting for more snow since.


Diana said...

We have been very fortunate this year when it comes to freezing temperatures and snow. Our weather has been mild and we have had very little snow. I can live with that!

jackie said...

Relatively speakinmg, we have had very little snow and mild temperatures too. We are now in the middle of our annual "January thaw." We usually get hit quite hard with the cold temps and heavy snow falls in February. In '92, Moncton, about 2 hours east of Fredericton, had a record breaking snow fall of more than 5 feet!!!! Where would you put 5 feet of snow while shoveling?