Friday, January 20, 2006

I love the CBC

Today on the noon hour show on CBC radio, an author named Shirley Lock (or Locke, I am a bad speller) was interviewed. She wrote a book about her father who was, and still is at the age of 80, a country doctor who takes at home phone calls and makes house calls. There are still doctors who do this? Who knew?!? The wonderful thing about the book is that it is called "The Ladies of the Sock Drawer" because it is told from the point of view of his socks that have been hand knit by some of his patients over the last 60 years! Of course a doctor would have to wear socks when he went out on calls and they would have seen and done all sorts of things. The "ladies" are named after the ladies who had knit them and they only tell their stories on the night of remembrance day. They only talk then because they feel that it is important to share old stories with the new socks, and to hear from the new socks what the doctor has been up to over the past year, and well, to talk every night might lead to gossip and there is the privacy of the good doctors patience to conceder.

Speaking of socks, mine have more rows and more mistakes as I knit some more on them last night and I kept dropping stitches. I didn't even have the excuse of alcohol in my system. I brought the recycling back today and so can justify spending what little money I got on beer. Maybe I'll try knitting tonight with some beer in my system and see if I do any better. I know that these will be blue ribbon socks in my heart only.

My felted hand is coming along nicely. I am going to (GULP) dye it. I just have to take a deep breath and do it. I have decided to put a base on it and have it as if it is coming out of water or some such thing. Could be interesting. I am not quite sure how I am going to go about it or how well a felted thingie will dye. Has anyone ever dyed already felted things?

And on the other "hand" I am sitting here waiting for ..... Goat meat. My upstairs neighbour's brother(I think) has some goat meat that he had got for someone in town who doesn't want it. Would I like some? Free food to feed my ravenous hoards. Do I look stupid? Really, my kids make piranhas look like picky eaters. And the boys are only 8! Some day they will both be 15! And then 16, and I will have to feed them for at least two more years after that ! I'll just get rid of the table and chairs and put in a food trough. 54 jars of dills left out of the 92 (was it) that I put up this year. I just checked and it was 91, so I was close. We didn't start eating them until October. I have pickle pigs. In fact, the other day when I had spare kids courtesy of our snow day,someone asked if they could open a jar of pickles, and I said "sure". Like piranhas, they were. Less than 3 minutes into it, the only thing left was the dill sprigs and a few pepper corns. I am glad that they like my cooking and pickling and that none of them are truly picky eaters.

What do all of you think of the pathetic excuse of a spell checker that comes on blogger? So far as I can tell, most everything else about this site is great, but the spell checker SUCKS! And I am a bad speller. I often go to google to check spelling words that this spell checker doesn't get. Like "piranhas". Ya know. The little fish with the big teeth? I'm thinking that I am not the only person in the history of blogger that has used this word. And another small thing, but it also refuses to accecpt that north of that east/west line some miles south of me, colour is spelled with a "u". Neighbour too.

Look at that! A whole post and I didn't mention the weather! Well there was that snow day reference, but that doesn't count.

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