Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's winter again

Not that I didn't enjoy the past few days of warm weather,+14 C on Friday, but it is somewhat less worrying to have winter weather in the winter. -10 C with a wind chill of -18 C. Now I can get back to bitching about the cold. In the summer I NEVER complain about the heat so that in the winter I can bitch with a clear conscience. Let's face it. There is quite a bit more to complain about in the winter. The cold for one. Heating bills. Fresh veggies, or at least what the grocery stores try to pass off as fresh. The price of the aforementioned this time of year. Snowsuits. Wet mittens and that distinct odor that accompanies them. KIDS INSIDE!!!!! Coughs, sniffles, runny noses, congested chests,cold feet, fevers, chills and shivers. So what if it gets hot and humid in the summer. Feet in a kiddie pool and cold beer in the hand always work for me. But I live in Canada. If I lived in Texas or India, the bitching might be the other way around.

The hand is almost done. It is nicely formed and now has knuckles and some of the major palm lines. I am still unsure as what to do with the below the wrist part. And I think that I might colour this one. I am working on a test piece to see what embellishing with colour might look like. Or I might just drop it in a pot of dye. More testing and trials needed. There is something so satisfying about repeatedly poking a sharp object into something and having it create instead of destroy. I can't think of anything else that could withstand a felting needle and not come out like mush. Wool rocks!

The sock has stalled. I will work on it tomorrow. I promise! No, really, I will!

Hubbie has found a new way to waste time

It is satellite images of the earth. You can go look anywhere. We found my sister's flat in Scotland, His brother's in BC, Various places that we have visited. There are some areas that are quite clear and others that haven't yet been rendered in high resolution. For example, Fredericton downtown, where I live is quite blurry. It looks fine from 10,000 feet, but when you zoom in, it get kinda blurry. But Just outside the city limits too the east, we were able to pick out a couple of friends' houses. Who knew? Warning, it gets somewhat addictive for some people. Kinda like Snood.

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