Friday, January 27, 2006

Where are passing gypsies when you need them?

So last Friday, I played host to a couple of extra kids. Liz's kids as it were. It was one of those rare days that my patience was boundless. Usually the noise created by these six kids is enough to wake the dead, cause significant hearing loss, drive me around the bend, cause fire to spew from my ears, eyes, and mouth. You know the routine. On my nice days, my last words are usually "If you want to make noise, take it outside, otherwise, be quiet." Nine times out of ten, they go out. They are wize, these children. This magical day, their noise making wasn't bothering me. It might be that they were actually being creative instead of just loud. They made, or found musical instruments , got out the tape deck, and proceeded to record their first single. "Dancin' with the Monkeys" This is their band picture. Later, we created the video to go with the single. What can I say, our kids are unique. Strange. Wonderful.

Note the authentic costuming. Pay special attention to the headdress of M-boy in the middle back row. Yes, gentle reader. It is a chicken. Little did Liz know when she called him her little chicken when he was a baby, that the name would stick.
To the left of M-boy is M-girl. My multi-layered, air tasting, xylophone playing eldest. This is a picture to show to her prom date.
Completing the back row is #1 son S. #1 because he beat his brother by 10 minutes. I think he was going for a Jack Sparrow look. Pirates of the Caribbean ya know. He does have a sword that you can't really see clenched in his right hand. Pirates 2 is coming soon and we can't wait!
In front of S is second son L. Or cool cow wizard. A couple or years ago, he couldn't decide if he wanted to be a cow or a vampire for Halloween, M-girl, very logically said, "Why don't you go as a vampire cow" The best of both worlds. Instead of Trick or Treat, he said"I want to drink your milk!" in his best Count Dracula voice.
Front and center is wee N on the recorder. And yes she was every bit as bad as you can imagine. But some humming cute!
And lastly is I-girl. Note the tongue, the hand gesture, the steady stare into the camera. This girl could already be a seasoned rock star.

And there you have it folks! Dancin' With The Monkeys!


jackie's man said...

Hello dear (for other readers, I'm the father of Jackie's children). I find it quaintly amusing that I, the one steeped in computer technology and engineering, don't even have a web site, much less a blog, and you, the artist of the family, are the one using the modern technology to speak to the world. Ironic, eh?

That's a wild looking gang we have. They've built up a good collection in the "dressup trunk".

Being father of this crew is the most wonderful privilege I could have imagined. And you are a truely superb person. I'll try to get you more "studio space" this year.

jackie said...

amen to studio space. A door and all contained within is a dream of mine.

Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

I recognize those kids!!!!

They certainly look like they're having fun.

More studio space. Yes please.

Liz said...

Yeah those are some pretty fabulous kids, I girl is definately headin to the big stage for sure, or the big top (not sure which!)
What a wild and wonderful crew we have.
I say we are doin a bang up job raising some pretty interesting characters.

Liz said...

ps let's keep em!
they may come in handy in our dotage. As our wild youth catches up with us, we can rely on their steady incomes.... I mean hands...
to keep us in the manner to which we would like to become accustomed.