Friday, January 06, 2006


O.K. Christmas is over. The cookies are gone. The chocolate is gone. All of it. The candy is all gone with the excecption of a HUGE candy cane that someone bought for baby N. That will get divided between the three older kids. I don't care for candy cane. But in the face of sugar withdrawal I might consider it. My problem is the wee bit of weight that I have put on during the holiday season. All bets are off and I do not say no to my food desires in late December. And then there is getting rid of the leftovers that sometimes lasts into January. The things that we have to do. They are all gone now and I find my self trolling the fridge and cupboards for sugar containing substances. I am trying to content myself with celery. It's not working. Although I once heard that you burn more calories chewing celery than are contained in the fool stuff. I can only hope.

School starts in three days. And for that I am thankful. Sleeping in has been great, but running errands with my kids is like herding cats. I took them downtown yesterday to skate at an out door rink , warning them that we would not be staying for a long time because little N would get bored, and cold , and hungry and cranky which would make her cry. When I said that it was time to go( 6 times) they finally came into the little skate changing hut so thoughtfully provided by the city, the baby was starting to whimper. Skates off. Boots on. 5 minutes. Whimpers are starting to be punctuated by crying. Big clue people. Get her home. What do the other kids do? Run out on to the ice again to go "booting"!!!! If one does it, they all seem to think that permission has been given. Drives me nuts. And they wonder why we don't go lots of places. At least,as of Monday, I will only have to herd them out the door in the morning.

M's scarf is coming along nicely. I told you I would let her weave. And she has done it all herself( with a few pointers and reminders) She is weaving a beautiful colour and weave in eggplant and plum. Very subtle and will not show too many mistakes. Two shuttles you know, so there are bound to be a few. The tree was in my weaving corner for the past two weeks and the loom was in her bed room. Neither room is very large and it was good to get the tree down and everything back to where it belongs. Did I mention that we are spacially challenged. That means 6 people, 1 cat, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, small bathroom, living room and what I shall call DH's room of piles. Squatters rights I guess. The family has expanded, the stuff has expanded , but the space has not. Soon please, Great Spagetti Monster, soon.

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I would love to ask you a couple of questions about the comment you posted on my blog... There was a "delivery failure" and I was not able to e-mail you back.