Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My balls

Actually it is only one ball. I have been doing trials with creating patterning with needle felting. So I started with a simple sphere and started adding swirls and spirals of colour. I think that next time I will start out with dyed fleece underneath instead of white.You can see the white peeking out from between the colour in the bottom photo. I quite like needle felting, but prefer the surface of a wet felted piece, so I am going to continue with more experiments before committing my hand to wet felting. Also my wool ( Briggs and Little from undisclosed sheep type) may not have the same surface when finished as the merino that Denise Richard uses with wonderous results. It's a budget thing. I can get a generous pound of B&L wool for $10. Plus I get to go for a nice drive in the country.

And one for Dudley Spinner.I know that you like to see what people do with your roving and I spun a tiny skein from the sample that you sent. It looks so like a forest floor that I am going to use it as such in a small tapestry. But that probably won't happen just yet. I haven't set the twist yet and it is still some what "highly energized" . I tried to e-mail it to you, but there was a short circuit between the chair and the keyboard and it didn't want to attatch. I can't figure it out.

Thanks All

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Grafxcowgirl said...

Wow! You do such amazing work! That seems like such a tedious process...something that I would have no patience for!