Thursday, December 29, 2005

The paper has settled

Well, Christmas with 4 kids in a spacially challenged apartment sure was interesting. Christmas morning was a flurry of activity. And I mean "flurry" But instead of snow, it was wrapping paper. There were things that were from mysterious people because the kids only got as far as " Oh it's for me" before the paper flew and tags went awry. If we bothered with thank you notes, they would all sound like " Thank you for the lovely gift. It was much appreciated." We had inclement weather so did not go visiting. Thank the great spaghetti monster. And had my parents and a friend over for supper that was greased with lots of wine. My parents left about 9 because my dad had a new calf that he had to check up on, a Christmas baby none the less. But Linda stayed on until about 1 am and watched both "the Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Supremacy" Both were greatly enjoyed by all who partook.
Since then, I have been sleeping in , eating, drinking and being merry. Tis the season for a bit of debauchery. I can feel my ass starting to spread, But I won't worry about that until next year. Slated for new years is a games night at the aforementioned Linda's house. We are having a curry potluck and I can hardly wait! Sweatpants here I come.


presents for gardening said...

Hi jackie,
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jackie said...

Well, Thank you. I live in the frozen north and will start mentioning gardening in March with seeds planted indoors reports. In May, seeds planted out door reports, and in July harvest, disaese and bugbattle reports. And that is not even beginning to mention weeds. Please stand by.