Thursday, January 05, 2006

How much is too much?

The other day, instead of cleaning in the back shed (too cold out there) I attacked my boys room. I got a grocery bag of garbage out of there including the stuff in their very small garbage can. And so now I have several questions.Why can't those boys put garbage in the garbage can? Why is it that most of the stuff in their garbage can is stuff that I put in there? I mean, I understand that there are some grey areas in what is considered garbage depending on who's eyes are doing the viewing, but there are definitely things that are garbage in anyone's eyes. Like....small bits of string, blister packs from Christmas presents, cardboard backs from Christmas presents, small plastic bags that have been torn open by impatient hands. You see where I am going here? Add to that scraps of paper and bits of crud, and you have GARBAGE. I suppose that the answer to my question is the same answer to the question " Why can't they put their clothes in the laundry hamper?" The floor is easier.
Next question.... How much lego is too much? I think that we are just about there. I have been buying lego for Christmas and birthdays since they were old enough to to play with the little stuff. They make amazing things out of it, but almost never large things. Usually they are space ships or aliens to go in the space ships. Picking up all of the lego, including all of the pieces that had migrated under the dresser made me think that we had enough lego. In fact I did not buy ANY lego this Christmas for anyone. They have two plastic tubs that are about 3'X2' and about 8" deep and they are FULL. Too full. I think that we need another tub. They have a hard time finding any pieces because they like the little ones and they sink to the bottom. No wait, they have the perfect solution, just dump them on the floor and shove the excess under the bed. My dream house now has a lego pit.

On the crafty side, I have done it! I have started a sock. I knit standing up in my bedroom, ( which is just off of the kitchen) and this negates the problem of a small girl crawling up on my lap and asking for a hug. Or at least telling me that I need a hug. The knitting stuff is in a bag on the top of my dresser which is tall enough to keep away curious hands. I started it two days ago and have an inch done. Sigh. My father-in-law tells stories of two of his aunts getting together and sitting and knitting socks and chatting. He said that once they started, they may have glanced down when they turned the heel and finished within a couple of seconds of each other. Now that is pratice!

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