Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Do we have contact?

LOOKLOOKLOOK!!!!A picture of my "studio"! Everything is safely out of reach of little hands. This is one of my "studios" around the house. A drawer here, a shelf there, and the top of the toy cabnet.

My hand before dyeing.

My hand after dyeing.

And... Drum roll please... A sock that I HAVE been working on. It looks kinda camoflageish. But I love the colours and the wool is so soft and not itchy. I wish that I knew what it was. It has been in my stash for about 4 years now and the label is long gone. It was from Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia.

And on a political note, Conservative minority up here, which means that they are on a very short leash and will not be able to push hard nosed right wing religeous views, for which I can only be thankful. Believe what you believe, but don't try to ram it down my throat. I am all for the seperation of church and state.

And on a technical note, can anyone tell me why, when I imported my pictures :-) they all went up to the top of the page even if the cursor was at the bottom of the compose page? Any quick tips? Or is it just my browser thingie. I use Safari on a Mac.

Thanks all.


Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Our studios look very similar. We must use the same interior decorator firm...Dust Bunnies Are Us.

The hand rocks.

jackie said...

I actually cleaned it up about a week ago if you can believe it. And then I went and dyed some roving and dumped it on for easy access.

Liz said...

all hail jackie,
dude!- the red hand rocks!
yeah, the grammer sucks, but hey,there are days it doesn't matter

jackie said...

The red hand is not yet finished. I am adding more "petals" or whatever they are in various tones and shades of red. I am "taking it for a walk" as Peter was fond of saying.

Valerie said...

Hi Jackie, I love the red felted hand! are you planning on doing any surface design stuff with it?
I posted a reply about the weavestructure in my comments. As far as studios all over the house.....I hear ya!

jackie said...

Yes to surface design, I have been working on it quite a bot ove the past few days and now have the base more three dimentional along with flame like colourations running up the wrist and on the , well, I'll call them flame tongues. I am still deciding what I will do about the hand part as far as surface decorations go. This is definatly a work in progress and I don't quite know where it is going to end up. Thanks for your interest!

Liz said...

I have some red seed beads you could play with, and a small secret stash of red silk embroidery foss, as well as some rayon threads that may be fun for you to play with.