Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This is the last one!

Blanket that is. There are still more weavings in the "Mine! All Mine!" series. I keep seeing things that I have woven that are scattered around the house. But more on those later. It blanket time. This is my last blanket. It was actually woven as two seperate blankets and stitched together. This was a traditional thing to do around these parts many years ago. Most looms were not large enough to make a blanket wide enough to fit a full sized bed so two blankets were joined to make a large one. I am going to do a full sized overshot coverlet one of these days using this technique.

The other wonderful thing about this blanket is the way it lays on the bed. I have turned it so that instead of having the tassels in your face, they lay over the edges of the bed. We have an old bed frame with a foot board and the blanket fits perfectly this way.

And that is the end of my blankets! For now. More will come in the future when I am once again living with my 45" loom. Right now, it is boarding with Liz.

Speaking of Liz, we had a great time last night! I ate way too much! Drank way too much! And got just the right amount of presents. And what wonderful presents they were. Unfortunately, one of them was not a camera, so there are no pictures. Yarns and pottery and drink paraphernalia and I even had Nigel give me the shirt off his back! I had my first ever Irish Car Bomb which was Bailey's and something else dropped in stout and chugged back. Quite wonderful.

Thanks to all who sent me best wishes and look guys! It's June 7th and we are still here!

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