Sunday, June 04, 2006

blanket # 2 (another Mine!All Mine!)

This is the second blanket that I have kept. It was by no means the second thing that I wove. It actually was woven many years later. I had a bunch of left over wool and had images of blankets in mind. I put on enough warp for two blankets and this was the first one off. The second was given to a friend who had lent me his car for two weeks so I could go away to Haystack Mountain School of Craft. Such generosity was dutifully rewarded. Unfortunately, the blanket is now in Montreal and unavailable for a photo session. The second blanket was quite different from this one and was more in the blue/green range. The only colours in the warp are white, and neutral browns and so I could play with my weft colours to my hearts content. I will use this trick again.

Did I mention that I love to make blankets? They are so substantial. This blanket went to my son Simon.
Speaking of Simon, I was making supper the other night when he came wandering into the kitchen wearing this...

And let's look at his "hat" from the side.

Jay, I bet you never knew that you were sending a little something for my boy as well as all the goodies that I was lucky enough to get.

I almost forgot to mention the Carleton Artist Market that Liz and I attended on Saturday. The weather was crap, sales were non-existent, coffee was free for the artists with booths, and both Liz and I were able to sit and work on stuff. Not bad for a $5 investment. This was only week two for the market and I am told that once the tourists start coming in a couple of weeks, that sales will improve. I certainly hope so. There was some interest in my scarves and Liz's bags and when things get going a bit more (and when I have something on my loom) I will bring my loom down and weave on site. The artists working on their thing is encouraged. Other than us, there were a couple of jewelers, painters of various sorts, an amazing bag lady (as in she makes amazing bags) and one guy who started out with a blank canvas and air brushed a beautiful portrait from a picture. Should you happen to be in Fredericton one Saturday, then please stop by. The Market is located on King Street between York and Carleton. Listen for the music. My upstairs neighbours (who are 2/3 of the group Vetch) play there every week. And if that doesn't draw you, then The Happy Baker will. All I have to say about this place is "OH MY GOD!." They make food. Good food. Deliscious food. Spread my ass food. Pies and cakes and tortes and croissants and bread and the really good kind of cookies. All made fresh every day right there. What's not to love?


Liz said...

It was very fun, and the food was very good. I am sure they double the butter, and lace it with some addictive substance...

Diana said...

Simon is a very handsome boy. Isn't it wonderful to see kids use their imagination?

Love the blanket, and I hope sales pick up soon at the market.