Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My loom threw up

Or at least that is what it looks like.

I won't go into the gory details but things got a wee bit tangled. But being of sound mind (ha) and body (snicker) and actually enjoying the challenge of untangling a mass of yarn (mental), everything was sorted and de-tangled and wound and tied on.

Here are may latest merino offerings. They are not washed and thus a little stiff. And yes, the one on the left is not finished being fringed. But I took pictures while I had a camera so I hope that you can forgive me that.

And I realized that although I fondle them and sniff the silk almost daily, I never shared with you my birthday gift from the odd ball

Two, count em, TWO skeins of sari silk in mostly reds with a hint of just about every other colour known to man and a beautiful fat juicy skein of a rayon silk blend (yeah, I'm sniffing it, get over it. It's just something that I do) that I am going to make into a lace scarf just for me. Once it's dyed. And once I get over my fear of lace. Pathetic I know. And it's not so much a fear as....lack of time. Yeah, that's it. Right. Lack of time. Really. Cynthia said that I should only sit down and try to knit lace if I had a block of uninterrupted time. That doesn't happen in my house. And in the summer it gets even worse. No one has a set bedtime like during the school year (Barb will be horrified) and occasionally WW3 breaks out in the house. Today,I chucked the boys in the back yard for the remainder of the afternoon with instructions to fill the pool for their little sister. Soon it became WW3 with water. At least no one was bleeding and there was screams of glee as they soaked each other. I think that the flower garden got some water too. Bonus.

And on the theme of garden and bonus, we went out to the garden today to pick PEAS!!! weed weeds (too many of them) and water (so that it would rain). The kids picked the peas and we came home with about 4 or 5 pounds. I have no idea how many of them that the kids ate. Maybe another 4 or 5 pounds. We won't talk about the number of pounds of weeds.

ARRRGGGGHHH!!!! All my silks came yesterday. 8 pounds of them. I need to unbag them all before the pictures are taken. Look back tomorrow.

Now was that a cliffhanger or what.


Leigh said...

Oh, Jackie, I had a good laugh at your postt title and first photo.

I found the second photo very interesting. After tying on you placed a stick in each shed and then wove a brief header, correct? Your tension looks great. I think I'll try mine that way next time.

Oh! and the sari silk looks absolutely yummy!

Dave Daniels said...

OMG, that really had me going, too. When I saw that, I said to myself that I Could NEVER deal with that mess. That's what scissors are for. Good for you for sticking it out. They look lovely!

Liz said...

looks good, progress from where you were when I left. I dreamed about bags of silk...