Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All about flowers

I'd apologise for the heavy flower content of my blog lately if I was truly sorry, but I'm not! The flower season here is so short that I just have to gush about them when I have them around.

My lovely peony. I had to cut some of the blooms because they are so big and heavy that they drooped. Ah well. So now I have a big fat bouquet of them on my kitchen table. They are so fat they look like pompoms! I just love them!

And in case you couldn't tell, I have a thing for irises. My whole iris bed needs to be dug up and divided this year and rethought. I have then scattered around other flowers, some of which I will keep, some I will chuck, and some I will give away to a friend who bought a house last year. The white is a Japanese Iris and the yellow is a water iris. Or so I was told when given a hunk of plant a number of years ago.

No weaving took place yesterday. I went for a nice long walk and did some things that didn't get done on the weekend because I was, well, weaving. One scarf is woven and the second is about half way. I want to get them done and off soon so that I can see their loveliness! No walking scheduled for today because there are thundershowers in the future. And it is looking rather dark outside. I'll have to go cut some more peonies before the rains hit. They just don't survive torrential rains well. Shucks.


Cynthia said...

I love the peonies; there is something about these flowers that just sends me over the moon. We planted about 13 new roots last fall (we have some big ones I have transplanted) and I love the new baby peonies that are coming up. The fragrance must be tremendous. Love your irises too!

Liz said...

mmmm peonies, i love peonies.

Mia said...

oh wow.. pretty, pretty, pretty. The peonies were my fav too :-)