Monday, June 19, 2006

Market Saturday

My warp is on and oh, my! It's pretty! The colours shown here don't (as usual) do it justice. The colours are such a mix of rich purples, dark blues, and flashes of red. Not to mention the cute little toes to the right.

Here are some market pictures from Liz's and my market adventure this weekend. We were outside for the first time this week. Quite a different feel from being inside. Now that I know how the sun falls in the alley, I will chose a different place to set up from now on. I ended up sitting in the sun from about 11:00 on. As much as I love the heat, I can't stand sitting in the sun.
We have the clock at the entrance.

You can just see Liz and Kate near the back of this photo.

My stuff all spread out. We have been brainstorming about a better way to display the scarves.

My cranes and antelopes.

Kids playing around.

We had musical entertainment in the form of a very talented group that goes by the name of Vetch. 2/3 of whom live upstairs from us. Right next to the guitar player (our neighbour Kora) you see a rather short vocalist. That would be my boy Liam praticing.... well.... what can only be described as fart noises. Over a loud speaker. Thanks to Joe who took this picture and let me in on what my boy was doing. I was at the other end of the alley and was not paying attention. Bill was taking pictures. Did I mention that we have great neighbours?

As an aside, Blogger was telling me that I had spelled Neighbour wrong, and being a rather poor speller, I did what I usually do and called up google to check my spelling, You know what I mean. You spell something wrong and it politely asks you "Did you mean...." and give you, what 99.9% of the time, is the right spelling of the word that I am looking for. In any case, under Neighbour, which I had spelled correctly BTW( the problem was the extra "u" that Canadians tend to add to some words), was this article about a bad neighbour. It is a series of pictures from an apartment that was next to the writer of the article. Have an empty stomach before you look at these. It is hard to believe that some people live like this. Ick


amanda said...

Your warp is wonderful! And all the stuff you had for sale at the market...I'm sure you went home with a much lighter load.

Dave Daniels said...

That looks like such a fun place to be.
For your weavings, how about a type of mini'ladder that the pieces can be hung from, almost like a quilter's rack? They are all so gorgeous. (s there a price list or online store yet? Seriously. I'm SO interested. I have cash. I have yarn. I have a cat. Ok, you can't have the cat, but...

Cynthia said...

Your warp does look wonderful! I love that market table - good thing for me I hadn't walked by; not sure if I wouldn't have bought the whole table. I love the origami animals (I still have to post my stuff from you - my bad) - you are so talented Jackie!

Sara said...

Nice warp! How about a wooden lean-to ladder for your scarf display? Or hand built ladder-like structure, easy to carry and set up in your beautiful alley.