Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is my cat. When I first got her, almost 14 years ago, I named her Hagel. Which is a Norse rune meaning a disruption in ones life. She actually settled in quite nicely with me and my roommates of that summer. We lived on the third floor of an apartment building and so for the first two + months, she was an indoor cat. That September, I moved in with a friend on a ground floor of an old house and we had a door leading right outside. Since then, she has been an outdoor cat. I still remember the first time that she went out in the snow. After every step that she took, she would pick up her paw and shake the snow off, only to have to put her foot back down. At that house, my roommate had a cat of about the same age. After a week of hissing and staking out their respective territories, they settled down and were often seen grooming and sleeping with each other. I wish that I had been able to take Mad-lyn with us when we left, but I was unable. Since then we have lived with and around a variety of cats. Some of whom she has gotten along quite well with, others, well, we won't talk about them. Except for James.

This is James. He lives upstairs. He lives with Chance, who was unavailable for comment, and their humans, Matt and Kora. They have recently been given their shots and allowed in to the great outdoors. Chance often wanders into our house and can be found lounging in a variety of places. He and the Bug get along fine. Hagel earned her nick name Bug when I was pregnant with my first child and we had hundreds of lace wing type bugs that were around the apartment. She loved to snatch and eat the things. LOVED it! She's not much of a mouser or birder (thank heavens) but she certainly is a good bugger!
In any case Bug is 14 years old. James,I think is about 5 or 6. She is a little cat. About 7 pounds. People often mistake her for a younger cat. James is bigger. James is a bully. As Matt says to him, "You can't go beating up little old ladies!" James doesn't seem to care. HE tries to wander in to our place, and we hear about it. Cat fight in the back shed or the front hall. Like with kids, I think that it would be nice if they could just get along.

Poor old Bug. She's getting grey whiskers and there are a few grey hairs showing up in sleek black coat. Kind of like me.

Oh, right! For those of you who care, My Stuff on Etsy has been added to my Links list. Check it out. More stuff is on the way. As soon as I finish dyeing and weaving. Speaking of which, I have to go. I have so much to do!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! You have gray wiskers?!?! I'll be needing stronger glasses. :-)

Leigh said...

What wonderful kitty stories! A bright spot in my busy day.

Rascal said...