Thursday, June 08, 2006

The fish in my house

Mira had a french project. They had to build an aquarium and populate it with fish. Sounds easy. But there were some ground rules. The fish had to be chosen from a list that was given them. The list also included a dollar amount for each fish and their total amount "spent" could not exceed $300. They also had to make sure that the critters in their aquarium would live together in harmony. As in no one would eat anyone else for lunch. They could present their aquarium either as a drawing or a model. The funniest part of the information sheet (in my mind) was the bold type first sentence that said that the kids WERE NOT TO MAKE AND SET UP A REAL AQUARIUM CONTAINING REAL FISH ! Well, DUHH!

In any case, Mira attacked this project like anything art related that tweaks her interest and did a kick ass mini aquarium. Don't you think?

I like the snail's eye stalks. What's your favorite?


Anonymous said...

My favourite is the worried looking clown fish in the anemone. But then I just like the whole thing, the way it works together. But then again I'm somewhat biased, since it's my daughter who made it.

She certainly has her mother's artistic talents. It's always exciting to see what she is making next. Great fun living with these inspired gals. :-)

Mia said...

I love the coral... and the fish look awesome.. they have their own little personalities! What a talented girl!

Liz said...

i like the anemon, anemmm annooom
well you know the anenome! Shje sure does have a bit o the talent goin on there. Good job mira!

'Zann said...

That is just fabulous! I kind of like the crab over there in the corner.