Friday, June 30, 2006

New scarves

These new scarves are merino warp and a silk weft and they are soft and drape beautifully. I am so pleased with them. Mira was my reluctant model. I told her that she didn't have to show her face so she took me at my word. The colours are a little washed out. Some day I will RTFM and learn how to use the fool camera. Until then just think darker, richer thoughts.


Leigh said...

Your scarves are beautiful. Well done. One thing that would help the color is correcting it with good photography software.

Liz said...

always remember court and her black dress are here as the model. she doesn't mind what angle you take the picture from. as long as you bring her in out of the everlovin rain,

Anonymous said...

Jackie's DH here. These scarves need some help (in the colour correction department) so I adjusted them for her and she'll probably re-post them later today (it's Sunday, July 2, 2006). The effect when the colour, contrast, and levels are corrected is rather stunning. If you compare you'll notice quite a difference.