Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Fred photo shoot.

For some pictures of me working on my weaving during my residency click here. Then click on the forward button to the upper right above the picture.


It does indeed seem as if the picture number changes every time new ones are loaded. Not a very good system indeed. When I clicked on my link above, it showed what looked like a dog wash for the SPCA. Fiber of sorts, I will admit, but not what I am into.
I will try a new link to the album and we will see if it stays current.

Me dyeing wool....... here .......maybe.

Me weaving........ here......... maybe.

If those two links show highland dancers now, you can click here and scroll down to "Art in the Barracks- Jacqueline Bourque"

And there I will be....... hopefully.


Anonymous said...

I am so computer illiterate but I managed to find you on the site by clicking on the thingie that said Select-One on the right hand upper corner, and then I clicked on List of Albums. Then on the left side of the screen I came upon Art in the Barracks and I saw your name, Jacqueline Bourque. I think that it is about time we saw you and not just your work.

Congratulations on a great job during your residency at the barracks this past week.


TadMack said...

Yeah, I was going to say -- I wandered through the site for a bit before I figured out I could just go here, and here!

These are really cool! Did you know you could send an e-card of yourself?

DaviMack said...

If we buy a high-resolution picture of you, do you get the money? ;)

mira's papa said...

@ davimack

If you want a high res pic of Jackie, don't, whatever you do, get one of those. They aren't very good of Jackie, and frankly, I didn't think they were terribly good photos anyway.

I've got photos of her that are MUCH better. And could be sent free.

I don't know the answer to your question, but I would suspect that Jackie would get nothing from the sale of those photos.

mira's papa said...

It looks like every time they upload new photos, the index number 1 is assigned to the most recent photo, and the numbers increase from there. This is a software design blunder of sensationally stupid proportions. Your photo link becomes bogus every day he uploads new shots. Sheesh. Good help is hard to find.

It should be that the index is reset at the beginning of the year, or the month, and counts up for that month.

If you have the guy's e-mail address, you should inform him that this is a problem for people wanting to revisit images on the site. Or maybe it's like the thinking at the grocery store - if we rearrange everything or move it all the time, you'll look around more. Shrug.

DaviMack said...

Hah! Software blunder, indeed. ;)

I was mainly teasing about the high-res pictures, because I just couldn't imagine Jackie selling pictures of herself on the internet!

Leigh said...

Great shots, Jackie! Looks like a wonderful time with lovely results.