Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Feeling hothothot

The temperatures here are soaring. I know that they are nothing like what some of you in the deep south experience, but I am feeling the heat.

The street workers were back for a few moments today. These guys walked down the street, following a backhoe and shoveled the excess dirt away. The backhoe just scooped about 6 inches of dirt away. I think that the pavers will be coming within the next few days.
And today I saw a new sight. I didn't really notice until I looked at my photos, but this gal's hard hat is pink. And backwards. How's that for a statement!

So what have I been doing in all of this heat? A bit of spinning of course. Here is my mystery yarn. So called because it was a failed experiment and I dunked it in another dye pot. It is one of my "never to be repeated" yarns.

This is just more red. It is merino that had been sitting around for quite a while and had felted a bit. I predrafted it, but still had a bit of a problem with the slubs.

We also have been doing a little gardening. The weeds were beginning to take over and so we all managed to do a bit of weeding. Well, actually a LOT of weeding. This was the first time that everyone pitched in and helped without complaint! I was so impressed. Even wee Nicole helped when it was time to do the watering. And speaking of watering, we were suppose to get some showers this afternoon but there is no sign of any rain. And hot sunny days for the next few days mean that we may have to go water again.
Everything in the garden is growing well. Except the peas, swill chard, lettuce and beets. And they would all be doing fine if the local deer would find somewhere else to have a buffet. The little devil has even taken to eating the strawberries. Or at least a bite or two off a fair number of them. We are not amused with the deer. I was told the other day that marigolds will keep the deer out of the garden, and as luck would have it, I did plant marigold seeds this year. Unfortunately, not a single one of them sprouted. Not one.
Ah, well. I just say the gardeners motto......"maybe next year"


Anonymous said...

I have never been a big fan of pale pink, but I have to admit that recently I have taken a shine to small amounts of bright pink. I love the idea of the pink workwoman's hat! I wonder where on earth they sell those!

The mystery yarn looks interesting and I also like the red one. What is a slub?

Curious Llama

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, temps aren't the inly thing soaring in your part of the world! ;)
NICE yarn.

jackie said...

Slubs are bumps in the yarn. Some times they should be there, other times, they shouldn't. Because this is going to end up as a slubby scarf, I didn't really care if I ended up a bit uneven.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of uneven yarn, I couldn't help but notice the way that Simon went to your wheel and started spinning while you were away dealing with one of wee Nicole's needs. He was doing quite well with the rhythm and feeding in the roving, but it looked like, because he was moving the foot pedal quite quickly, that he was getting quite a tight spin. Have you ever considered letting him have a proper go at spinning something himself?

Curious Llama

DaviMack said...

And my mind says: did she get that hat for herself, or did the guys think it'd be cute to have a girl wearing a pink hardhat?