Thursday, July 24, 2008

had to share

I found this while looking for information on my dorset loom that I have down at the residency.

Who knew? Daleks! To knit! Thanks to Wooly Stuff.

For those of you who are wondering what Daleks are, they were/are the nasty aliens on Dr Who.


TadMack said...

Rampant geekery: I'm pretty sure you heard a sudden squeal echoing into downtown Fred... um, that was me. ADORABLE. I'm pretty sure I can't knit them, but oh. So. Cute.

And completely threatening, and all of that, yeah.

mira's papa said...

They don't look very dangerous when rendered in wool.

At first I thought you took the photo because they are sitting on what looks to be a film reel canister.

I can see Dalek salt and pepper shakers being a big hit, if they were well done.

Anonymous said...

I never seen salt and pepper shaker cozies before. Maybe it could come in handy when mountain climbing in the cold. Your fingers wouldn't get cold from coming in contact with cold shakers

The needles must be so fine to knit such tiny stitches.

A rare find indeed,


mira's papa said...


I didn't mean that the salt & pepper shakers would be knitted. I was thinking of them done in metal, with tiny holes in their heads. I don't think they need cozies. They are pretty well indifferent to temperature changes.

Leigh said...

I think I'd call it the Eye Candy Edition.