Saturday, July 19, 2008

A.I.R. 2008

Today was my first day of my week long Artist in Residence for the Fredericton Arts Alliance. It started out a little disorganized for me (I forgot my weaving basket with all of my little things that I need like measuring tape, scissors, stapler, bobbin winder, etc.) but eventually I got everything set up, settled down and got some work done.
So today I talked to a bunch of people, dyed some roving, finished weaving a scarf, finished blending about 2 pounds of alpaca, silk, merino, superwash merino, and mohair.
And forgot to take pictures. But there is always tomorrow.
If any of you are in the area, stop by and visit. I am in the casemates across from the craft college on Queen Street in downtown Fredericton.


Anonymous said...

While you were away doing your residency for the Fredericton Arts Alliance and I was leisurely sitting down sifting through a sea of ceramic sales books, my garden was invaded with a super sweaty crew of frenzy weed pullers.

The weeds did not stand a chance. They pulled and they plucked and they yanked every weeds that poked its leaves through the parch soil without mercy for any of them.

They were everywhere moving with speed and purpose. I certainly am glad that I was not a weed today. And what a good job they did indeed.

Then they set out to water every plants with watering cans of every size and description. Liam sat on the grass filling pails of water, Mira's papa, Mira and Simon were watering everything throughly, even wee Nicole was helping with the watering, after watching a few movies of course and filling her little belly with snacks.

After all the work was done in my garden, Mira's comment was, " Well now the garden looks more Mamooish" I love that. I never heard that word before.

Then the whole sweaty crew went in your back garden to water and check things out.

The kids reward was a trip down the river bank to see what treasure they could possibly bring home.

Here sits a very thankful Mamoo.
I know that Mira's papa does not want to hear another thank you but at my age it's difficult not to be thankful. Thanks again you guys.


mira's papa said...

Now, if Eli can get that groundhog, and the deer stay away, we'll all have yummy things from the gardens.

Anonymous said...

whilst searching any and all garden blogsI came upon here, I dare say what a lovely family y'all are.....

Artelia from Georgia