Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guess what I made!

My favorite!


mira's papa said...

I jammin', you jammin', everybody jammin'.

You should have blogged the corriander sauce. Yum. We may need to make samosas again soon. I'm not feeling fat enough. :-)

Do we have any samosa dough in the freezer? I forget.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing, I'm guessing!

Strawberry jam? Could there have been enough strawberries to make jam this summer?


jackie said...

Corriander sauce will come later, I'm sure. We do have samosa dough in the freezer.
And there were plenty of strawberries at the Superstore for $2.29 a box. Pretty much the same as at the u-pick, someone told me.

Leigh said...

Oh! I am so envious! I do miss having a garden and canning it's bounty.

Christine said...

I want to move back to Fredericton so I can eat with you guys all the time.

DaviMack said...


Anonymous said...

Yeh, but the good thing about u-picks is that kids of all ages really enjoy doing the 'all you can eat fruit thing' while filling up on fruit that they will enjoy at some later stage. In fact, I used to treat Mamoo's tomato patch as a u-pick. On more than one occasion, I simply went out to the garden with a salt shaker and started from one end of the row. To this day, my boyfriend doesn't understand my 'tomato thing'. I can go through a shocking amount of tomatoes... and not just any tomatoes, I like the on the vine ones they sell in the shops (which cost more) in the UK because they actually continue to ripen and end up tasting almost like real tomatoes from the garden. The problem with the UK is the shocking lack of understanding as to what a good tomato really is. Time and time again in restaurants or in sandwich bars, I have been given pale and tasteless sad excuses for tomatoes. A real relevation for a tomato fan like me was making a pizza (with Ack and family) a tin of tomatoes I bought in Italy. They were a deep blood red in the can and full of flavour. Everyone around the table agreed that the tomatoes were so good, they were destroyed by adding herbs (we experimented with herbed and herbless versions).

Curious Llama

Kansas A said...

I keep checking my mail but nothin'! Just kidding ;)
Your jam looks DEE-licious!