Friday, August 01, 2008


You may wonder why a box is front and center today. Mira certainly wondered why I was taking a picture of it.
This, my friends, is what I have been using to make skeins. Necessity is the mother of invention and I needed something to skein off my handspun so I would wrap it around a box.
This proved to be a little tiresome so I decided to make myself a kniddy knoddy.

I went to the local hardware store to find some PVC pipe but they didn't have any stiff pipe that was smaller than 1.25 inches. Which, to my mind would be a little to fat. So I wandered around for a while and found dowels and copper t-joints.

Add a measuring tape, some krazy glue, and a miter saw and you have the recipe for a home made kniddy knoddy.

I cut the end bits to 6 inches and the center one 16 inches. The cut ends got a quick sanding to get rid of the rough edges.

Then I made a skein and was happy that it worked! But the skein looked a little large to me and I thought that a trial on my swift was in order. It turned out to be just as I thought. The skein was about 6 inches to large to fit on the swift.

I shortened the center pole to about 15 inches and now the skein fits the swift perfectly.

It is not the most beautiful kniddy knoddy I have ever seen, but it functions as it should. If I get bored at some point (cue the laughter) I'll give it a paint job.


DaviMack said...

Don't give it paint - give it colored wax! That way it'll repel any other colors, and be colored itself!

By the way, I used to own that very same miter saw ... it's still in California. Sigh.

B said...

you're so awesome! I was silly and paid far too much money for one.

Also, finished my story so my time has opened up a lot!

Anonymous said...


I like a woman with sharp tools and a mind to match. You could put the kniddy knoddy manufacturers out of business.


Dani said...

I think it is really pretty!

Christine said...

Excellent! I would have glued my fingers together or came out with a cat glued to my head! It looks really cool with the copper joints.