Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why does this happen?

I just found out today that a colleague of mine lost her husband to cancer on Sunday. They found out four weeks ago that he had colon cancer. Four weeks, and now he is dead. They have two sons who are in their late teens. How do they deal with such a thing? Four weeks.
Janice is a very talented fiber artist. She has taught at the college for many years and is well liked and respected. I had never actually met her husband, but he was well liked by all that knew him. He was 49.

I also stopped off at my LYS to sell Trish some stitch markers and pick up some embroidery floss. She was sitting on the back couch chatting with a woman who's husband has brain cancer. Trish's father was just diagnosed with lung cancer. My mother had breast cancer a few years ago. Charlotte died of ovarian cancer last fall.

I think that that is just a little too much use of "the 'C' word".

I just looked up the Canadian statistics for cancer and 40-45% of Canadians will get cancer and 1 in 4 will die from cancer. I will assume that the statistics are pretty much the same for the US.

When is humanity going to realize that we are poisoning the planet and thereby poisoning ourselves?


mira's papa said...

When? Probably not any time soon. Follow the money. It would require a major change in the way people seek wealth. I don't expect to live long enough to see the human race wake up enough to change the course of events before it really is too late. I have grave concerns about the kind of future our kids will face.

Anonymous said...

This is a difficult subject to deal with. I guess with more people on the planet there is bound to be a lot of people with cancer. There is something in the air we breath, something in the water we drink and plenty of chemical in what we eat that makes our cancer receptive cells divide and grow faster.

I remember as a child hearing of this mother with 12 children dying of breast cancer. I lived in a small community but even way back then there were at least four cases of leukemia in the village, my cousin being one of them.

The best one can do is try to eat healthy and hope for the best. And buy insurance..



Dave Daniels said...

That's so sad and so scary. A little secret: I had some "problems" earlier in the year, and am ok now. But, I'll tell you, it be a real eye opener when confronted with these things. It's most important to get good medical attention from the start.

Kansas A said...

Cancer took my Dad 8 years ago... gee it really feels like it was only yesterday. Now my Mom and myself have had to face the battle as well. Cancer makes me shiver in fear for my loved ones, including the ones who don't have it but have to deal with the sickness/loss of the ones who do.