Friday, July 11, 2008

What's that movie again?

We were discussing which movie to watch tonight and Nicole starts to give her suggestion. Nicole loves movies. Actually, I should have said, Nicole LOVES movies. Anyone with a VSP (very short person) in their lives knows how many time they can watch the same movie over and over and over and over, etc.

Nicole is still learning this.

N: Hmmmm. I want to watch.....Hmmmm....

Me: Don't forget, we have the power of veto.

N: Oh, I haven't seen that! That sounds like a funny movie.


B said...


This evening Angus asked why they world turns. I said, "You don't ask the easy questions, do you?" and he replied, "No, I know all the easy ones. It's the hard ones I still need to ask."


Anonymous said...

Nice one Angus! This question was answered for me in grade 11 Physics. In this day and age, Angus could probably answer this himself by checking out wikipedia and looking at 'planetary forces'.

I am only exposed to VSP (much nicer than VPL) in short bursts. So, unlike most of your out there, I haven't seen many of these kid's films. During my recent stay at Jackie's, I very much enjoyed Cars and would have probably enjoyed the Invincibles if I was ever able to watch the entire thing from end to end. The problem with watching films with wee Nicole is that stop watching the film when she had decided that she has seen enough. As she has seen this many times, her 'enoughness' stage can arrive at any time.

Good luck to Mamoo who had an operation on the 11th.

Curious Llama

mira's papa said...

Curious Llama,

This tendency of Wee Nicole to bail on movies part way through (ones she's seen many times) is why we exercise that power of veto a lot. But new movies she will stick with a few times. In fact new episodes of Franklin and Little Bear have been a significant contributor to Jackie's an my, um, "intimacy" for the last four years. Cars was also very helpful when it was new, and it was a full length movie. :-)

The "why the world turns" question is a rather complicated one, for sure, but great to explore. I've got a nifty piece of software here called Orbital that allows you to place a number of planets, give them initial velocities and directions, then let the simulation plot their trajectories as time advances. It's very cool. You can quickly see how very subtle changes in initial conditions cause huge changes in motion a little later on. It's why the "three body problem" is intractable. Science can be very interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...

Here is another wee Nicole story: I was reading to her (Bernstein Bears Scared of the Dark) and she put her finger on the page. I didn't understand this and kept on reading. She said: 'I pushed the pause button'. So I stopped reading and she went to go to the toilet or fetched some juice or what ever else she does when she pushes the pause button. When she came back, she put her finger on the page. I wasn't quite sure what this meant, so I just chatted way. She said: 'I pressed the play button so you can read now'. I had never before appreciated that books can be paused or played. I just have to add this to the list of 'thing I have learned from someone who is almost 5'.

Every so Curious Llama