Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

The paving guys (and flag person gal) were around today. The first thing that happened was one fellow went around with a watering can full of a tar/oil (?) like substance and wet the edges of the pavement where it had been torn up.
Next, the dump truck came and laid down a bit of asphalt (note the arrow showing where the asphalt is coming out) Also note that the dump truck is dumping sideways. I've never seen that before. There was a dude who was doing a quick bit of raking but I thought that it may be a bit intrusive to go and cross the street to photograph him.

Then another fellow went behind the truck and did a little better raking job. I missed the roller guys (they took to long to come around) but they will be doing my side of the street soon so I may catch them in the act.

And during all of this I have been slowly working on some superwash merino. I love dyeing and spinning this stuff. It sucks up the dye like nobodies business and spins really smoothly. The only complaint that I have about this stuff is that the roving is not continuous. It is from a local mini mill and when I purchased this roving, I also purchased about 4 pounds of white superwash. The white was beautiful. The gray and black that I bought are in, well, lets call them "uneven" bits and pieces. Some bits are in the form of pencil roving, some regular sized, and some are just clumps. All in the same bag. I am almost out of roving and if I order more from them, I will specify that I want fat roving, not end bits.

So here is the dyed clumps and bit of roving.

And here is the yarn.
I love spinning.

And I was just thinking about how wonderful summer is and one of the small but happy things that happens in summer is that butter is much easier to spread in my house.


Margene said...

It's paving season here, too. Our street has a lovely new SMOOTH black top!
The blue is gorgeous roving and beautifully spun!

mira's papa said...

Paradise? What? Okay, Fredericton is nice, and I like it here, but paradise? I don't think so. The only thing about this that is paradise is living with you. The winters are long and hard, there in nobody bringing me a cold drink whenever I fancy one, the students I teach are mostly lazy, whining prats, the government is starving the university to death financially, our children have a less than desirable attitude toward school, (censored), and my knee is on the fritz. How can this be paradise? A pink hard hat doesn't do it. I love you dearly, but pensioned in Tahiti with you would be paradise. This... it's very good, and I'm not complaining, but paradise? Like the rest of our society, we need to get the superlatives under control.

jackie said...

Apparently the sarcasm was a little to subtle this time......

mira's papa said...

I guess it was. I missed it.

Leigh said...

Lovely yarn. I wish I could get motivated to spin in this hot weather. :(

Anonymous said...

Paradise is a state of mind. I have come off the Scottish hills after a long, cold, windy and wet walk and checked into a highland hotel, sunk into a bathtub with hot water and bubbles, had a glass of double whiskey sitting on the edge of the tub and thought 'this is paradise' (which I certainly wasn't thinking 2 hours earlier on top of a mountain, getting my butt frozen off and thinking: 'but this is fricking June!!!').

Still, I agree, that even people with frozen butts would think a nice tropical beach with cool breezes, beautiful sunsets and someone bringing you nice cocktails would be a close approximation to paradise. It is a bit of a shame that in most conventional monothestic religions, no mention is made of cocktails on the beach in any of the descriptions of 'paradise' that I have encountered. It mostly just involves apples, figs, ribs and snakes.

Curious Llama

DaviMack said...

We got back to Glasgow, after having been in California for some 47C / 115F temperatures ... and we gave a great sigh of relief, saying, 'Ahh, this is what weather should be!'