Thursday, March 30, 2006

Isn't it almost Easter?

What is going on here?

Santa production of course.

And why, you may ask, is a Canadian weaver making santas in March? Sugar high has me confused? Shouldn't I be decorating eggs?

We will do that too. But for now, I have been in Santa production because MY SISTERS ARE COMING HOME!!!! Big Nicole will be here in less than two weeks and she asked if I could make her some santas like I gave her for Christmas many years ago. I made 'em, but she will have to paint them. Nicole lives in Scotland an has not been home since the summer of '03 when I was pregnant with her namesake, Wee Nicole. Christine will be home a few days later, just in time for Easter. I can't wait! The kids are all excited too. Well, excecpt for the baby. She really has no idea. But she will grow to like it.

In any case, there are 33 of these little guys waiting to be fired. My mom used to have a ceramics business and still has some molds (or moulds) and a kiln or two. Nicole wants 12, so there are going to be a few left over for the rest of us.

The kids are going to have a field day on their egg hunt! I am getting my sisters to hid the eggs at my mom's house. It will keep them busy all day!


raggedj said...

Not exactly sure what ceramics mixture is, but it looks like such wonderfully messy fun! I'd consider myself lucky if I was able to play with a bottle of that in my kitchen! :)

jackie said...

It is just liquid clay. The jug is an old Tide jug. It is fun. There is always some " scrap clay" left over from pouring molds. It is the consistancy of regular clay and the kids have made a bunch of stuff out of that. It is all in good messy fun.

Diana said...

Oh how wonderful that you and your sisters are getting together! Have fun!