Thursday, March 16, 2006


I just wanted you all to know that when I say "overdying", all that I mean is that I am going to dye yarn that is already coloured. I started this when I inherited a couple of cones of lovely, soft cotton that was a horrid pale blue and an ugly light brown. I was taking a dye class at the time and needed to make a final project, so I made a mini skein containing about a dozen rounds of each the blue and brown and dyed parts of it the various colours that I had mixed up. It was an enlightening experience. I expected to like the blue yarn better, but the brown came out richer. How many of us out there have yarn with a wonderful feel and texture, but is some what lacking in colour as per our own individual colour choices? I highly recommend dying it! A wonderful array of dyes are available from as well as instructions. Check it out!

More on space dying later.

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