Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A tale of two skeins

Just a demonstration of over dyeing. The two skeins were dyed in the same dye bath. 60% turquoise, 30% national blue, 8% yellow, 2% black. Above, on cones, is the original colours.

Neat, eh?

And now that I have weft, I have started weaving my first shawl.


Diana said...

I think that the shawl colors are gorgeous. Aren't you excited to be starting that project?!? I can't wait to see the end result. How long will it take you to weave it?

jackie said...

All things considered, and with no supprises, I should be done the first shawl by the end of the week end. I still have to dye my weft for the second shawl, and then there is the fringing and sewing in of ends. I should have no problem finishing one of the shawls by Jay's deadline

DH (aka dear husband) said...

diana, she'll do it well before the Jay deadline. Once the warp is on and she starts weaving she can really turn it out. She's got the fill (weft) done and is well into it now. I'm sitting here looking at the loom and thinking that it won't take her long from here. The inches come quickly at this stage. She's a very capable gal. One of the cool things is that she taught our oldest daughter to weave when she was quite little and she wove her first full sized scarf at age 9. She's 11 now and did another one this year. High quality stuff for a child. Maybe Jackie will post a photo of our daughter's stuff. She's as cool as her mom.