Sunday, March 12, 2006

For Jay's craft challenge

On view, my little "heirloom" that I inherited from my wonderful weaving teacher, Susan Judah. Ugly coloured yarns and assorted weaving paraphenalia including, shuttles, bobbins and bobbin winder,reed hook. A few cones of yarn already skeined off so that I can dye them for the weft. Actually on the loom is my colour tests and sample so I can determine the correct sett (how many ends pre inch). I have not included all weaving equipment to be used, such as warping board, raddle, ball winder nor swift. The plastic bag on the loom contains my dyes, but all other dying stuff ( like pots and plastic wrap, measuring cups and rubber gloves have been left out because who really needs to see all of that stuff)

In any case, Jay, does this mean that I am official now?


Diana said...

How wonderful to inherit a loom!

Jay said...

Oh my... how exciting! It all looks so exciting... I just want to dive in and start fiddling with knobs and handles and such! You'll have to bat my fingers away and give me a ball of yarn to keep me occupied while you get on with the Challenge!
Thank you so much for entering... I will be posting about your official entry shortly!
Good luck, and keep us all posted!

jackie said...

I think that it will be easy to keep your fingers away unless you have a very long arm ;-)

Annie said...

That is amazing. I will keep checking back to see your progress. I have always been interested in weaving, but didn't think I had the talent or patience to finish a project. You may inspire me.