Monday, March 06, 2006


I am.... done the socks. Yes done. All the way done. Ends sewn in and washed type of done. They were a little large and so I did as I has threatened and shrunk them. Carefully. Slowly. They are still a little loose around the instep, and should I ever use this pattern again I shall adjust the stitches. I have already started on my next pair of socks in the blue green procrastination yarn that I dyed last week. They are working up quite a bit quicker. Fat yarn. Pictures, as always, to follow.

On a slightly negative note, I have discovered that I simply cannot tolerate cheap wine. I shared a few glasses with Liz yesterday afternoon while sitting in the sun and a few more last night while watching "10 things I hate about you" . Drank lots of water before going to bed. Woke up with a headache and the urge to make a call on the porcelain phone. Sigh. I am getting old.


Liz said...

well we shall now switch to expensive imported, and or local microbrewed beer.
It's cause we are such high vlass babes, we need the high class booze.

Diana said...

I must be a low-life because I can drink the cheap shit and feel great!