Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Like Bouncy Bouncy?

Something decidedly odd and rather large has bloomed in my garden.
Mom picked out a trampoline courtesy of the cows.
I went out the other day and the kids were all in it with some pillows and a couple of blankets, some books and drawing papers. They called it their outdoor living room.
Mira is very excited by the new trampoline.
And for those of you who will tell my that such things are dangerous, I know and I have drilled the safety procedures into their heads until they ran out their ears. Liam of course, questions every last rule looking for loopholes.
He will find none.


B said...

!!!!! Have you tried it out yet? :D

TadMack said...

Dangerous? I guess so, but it's such good exercise I'd be thrilled to death to have one of those of that size! DEFINITELY try it out -- I hope one night you can organize a sleepout out there. Those are too fun.

DaviMack said...

Oh, I want one! We've taken train trips and counted the lucky people with them - depending on where the train is passing, sometimes as many as one in 5 houses would have them, for miles and miles. Fun!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the kids are enjoying bouncing on the new trampoline. They should all be fit by the end of the summer.


Kansas A said...

Where's the picture of you doing the flip? Stop rolling your eyes and saying "yeah right." There's one of me in my pictures folder somewhere :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! I am amazed by the security fence. The ones I have seen here don't have one. What happens when it rains?... 'I'm bouncing in the rain, I'm bouncing in the rain, what a glorious feeling...'

Curious Llama