Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bob's house

This is our friend Bob's house. He said that the water stopped 2 inches shy of coming in on the ground floor. He is in for quite a clean up.

The officials are saying that the water has crested in Fredericton but for those down stream, the water is still rising. It is like a wave that is slow in coming.
These people in Maugerville are still in an area where the water is rising. Not good.
And seeing as Bill mentioned the script that he wrote me, I will tell you about it. For those of you (like me) who don't know a whole lot about computers, a script is a mini program that can help you do repetitive tasks.
My camera takes rather large photos and I like to shrink them down before I post them. I turn them if they need it, then rename them (photo 1783 means nothing to me, but Bob's house means quite a bit) and then save them to the desktop where I can easily find them. It takes me about a minute to do each one. It is a lot of dragging and dropping, pulling down menus, clicking, etc.. So I asked him if he could write me a script to do it. I told him what I wanted it to be able to do and poof! He made it. He was very excited with my asking for it because he has been scripting. I really couldn't think of any thing that I do on the computer that was repetitive enough to warrant a script. I had found that I have been avoiding doing blog posts because I would have had to deal with the pictures first and some days I just didn't feel like it. Now it will be easy.

Thanks Bill.


Margene said...

Oh dear! What a mess you're dealing with. It's been so chilly here that our snow pack hasn't started to melt. It is worrying that it will all come at once and we'll be in this same mess. I wish you luck!!

DaviMack said...


Glad you have a script - I end up writing my own, but I can't imagine shrinking a picture! I just upload them to Flickr (sometimes it takes days) and then I can choose a lower-resolution one to post onto the blog.

Valerie said...

You know, I am speechless at seeing the flooding around you. Even more speechless that it's not on the news....and I listen to CBC out of Windsor!

Leah said...

Those pictures are so dramatic. I just can't imagine moving that much water, or the agonizing time waiting for the waters to recede.

As for the script - I'm so jealous! I have the same issue with blogging. Some days I just don't feel like dealing with the pictures! Lucky you.

Leigh said...

Amazing photos, though not necessarily in a "good" sort of way. Did he write the script for a particular photo editor? I usually do all my cropping and optimizing with the GIMP.

Kansas A said...

Oh my what a disaster... poor Bob.
The script sounds great, a real time saver for you. I know nothing about MAC's and there are only two people in town that I know of who have them. One asked me to work on hers and I said sorry no can do, they just aren't too popular on the west coast, not like back east as I've been told.