Monday, May 26, 2008

H is for.....


We all need to laugh. And some people make it easier to laugh. A lot of times Mira is one of those people. On the weekend we watched "How to Eat Fried Worms" in which there was a part where a girl was teaching a 5 year old boy a song about birds. One line went something like "One little bird fell out of the nest, when a cat ate him up his mama said "it's for the best". This encouraged her to make up her own song.

We shall call it "Black Humor" and you can call yourself forewarned.

I'm So Glad I'm Not a Bird
by Mira

One little crow by the side of the road, pecking at a roadkill lunch.
He was slow to fly, so when a truck came by, all his little birdie bones went crunch.

A robin didn't know there were window panes ahead
So he crushed his little birdie skull, the windows killed him dead.

A sparrow ducked a car to avoid becoming pulp
but was spotted by an eagle and was eaten, GULP.

A swallow flew along the road, a stupid thing to do,
The traffic was quite heavy, he didn't think it through

He didn't know a moving truck was coming up the hill
Wow! Look at all the feathers in that truck's front grill.

A grouse was eaten by a fox, and now he's "you know what"
Those little round brown balls that come out of a fox's butt.

A kitty ate a finch and now he's pussy poo
I'm so glad I'm not a birdie, aren't you?

By the way, don't ask me what is happening in that first picture. It was on the camera when I downloaded some photos.


Anonymous said...

Eh, I don't quite know what to say. I read it to Grampy an we had a good laugh. I guess I am so glad too that I am not a birdie,

Better watch out for your rating


mira's papa said...

Mira has had very strong language skills from the very beginning. She started to talk well ahead of the average kid and was speaking in full sentences not long after her first birthday. She started making puns at age 5, and some of them were really good ones. And she takes every opportunity to play with words. So it's not surprising to see this kind of poem coming from her.

Now that she has written this birdie poem, I'll have to tell her the "Lament of Spring" poem.

But I wish you could take a photo of her without her making a goofy face. She just can't seem to stop herself.

DaviMack said...

She could be weaned off of the goofy faces: teach her how to cross just one eye, and then tell her how distracting it can be when done with a perfectly straight face. Then there'd just be the one eye gone strange in the pictures. ;)

mira's papa said...

Cross one eye??? She can vibrate both of her eyes. It's the most aggravating thing you've ever seen. A friend of hers (another strange little girl) showed her how to do it. I wish she had never learned. Now, when she wants to irritate her mother or me, she sticks her face in our face and vibrates her eyeballs. Ick!!

Lovely child, and I love her to death, but weird at times.

DaviMack said...

She's got one on me, then, 'cause I can only cross one or both, not vibrate one.

The ophthalmologist has a cool little tool that makes your eyes go outwards (used for some test or other), and I've been wanting that one for a while, to teach myself to make one eye go 'wall-eyed'. Perhaps better not. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am impressed by not only by Mira's verse, but by her spelling! If only students at university level could do so well. I blame the schools! I learned grammar and spelling from demanding and scary teachers (Mrs McPhail (I kid you not) I salute you)! Bring them back I say! Grammar is boring for kids, but learning it provides you with a structure for learning other languages. I speak fluent Spanish and French and 'tourist level' Italian, German and Portuguese. I do admit, however, that I am not a very demanding tourist in German or Portuguese speaking areas.

Curious Llama (La llama curiosa)

Curious Llama

mira's papa said...

@ curious llama

Mira's papa typed Mira's hand written poem into an e-mail and sent it to Jackie, who then posted it. I don't recall that she had any spelling errors, but if there were any, I would have fixed them.

Mira is a pretty good speller, but her penmanship is not so hot. Come to think of it, none of the kids have a very good pen hand. And they don't take any pride in the way they write either. Pity.